A lot has changed since we were young. No longer do you have to quickly press play to record music from the radio, or rewind movies to take back to the video store. We didn’t know the damage we were doing to our teeth by packing cans of soda or energy drinks in our lunches, or by skipping brushing our teeth for a few weeks. Encourage and teach your family now that brushing their teeth twice a day is important. Form a routine and it will quickly become a habit. Have your children brush their teeth after breakfast before they head out to school and at bedtime after all food has been consumed. Remember, even baby teeth need to be cared for. Avoid setting an infant down to sleep with a bottle. The sugars in milk and juice are loved by tooth-decay-causing bacteria and can cause cavities in those important baby teeth. Together with good oral hygiene and regular dental visits, we can keep your family smiling happy and healthy.
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