Teeth are the hardest bone in the human body, so it is not surprising that they turn up more often in archeological digs than other more fragile bones. As such, we know that for thousands of years, people have been making and using Dental Implants to replace missing teeth. Ancient China has revealed individuals over 4,000 years old with carved bamboo pegs inserted into the jaw. Ancient Egyptians from 2,000 years ago with Dental Implants made of precious mental have been discovered. In other parts of the world, implants have been found made of shell, bone, and ivory.

Today, our Dental Implants are more sophisticated and durable, made of titanium that is highly biocompatible and will look and function so much like your real tooth, no one will know that it’s an implant. Implants keep your other teeth safe and your jawbone from deteriorating once you’ve lost a tooth. If you’ve been putting that off, wait no longer! Come in today to ask about our Dental Implants!

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