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According to some estimates, more than 90% of American adults have mild to severe tooth decay. In many cases, decay can progress and lead to cavities, or holes in your teeth. At Fantastic Smiles in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, Ewa Koser, DDS treats cavities to prevent harmful bacteria from seeping in and threatening the structure of your teeth. If left untreated, cavities can lead to severe decay and even tooth loss. To learn more about cavity treatment, call Fantastic Smiles today or use the online scheduling tool and set up a time to come in.


What is a cavity?

A cavity is a small hole that forms in teeth as a result of decay. This may sound like a minor issue, but if your teeth have holes in them, harmful bacteria can seep inside the tooth and lead to severe decay. If things get bad enough, you can even lose the tooth.

Luckily, cavities are fairly easy to prevent and are also very easy to treat, as long as you keep your regular checkups and catch them when they occur.

What causes cavities?

The most common cause of cavities is poor oral hygiene. When you neglect your brushing and flossing, or practice poor form, you’re at an increased risk of decay. Over time, as decay develops and threatens the structure of your teeth, cavities can gradually form. So, the best way to prevent cavities is to take excellent care of your teeth at home.

Also, without regular professional cleanings to remove the plaque you miss during brushing and flossing, cavities can form.

Another common cause is a high-sugar diet. Sugary items, such as candy and sodas, can contribute to decay over time. Limiting your sugar intake, especially for children, is another good way to prevent cavities.  

How do I know if I have a cavity?

In most cases, cavities won’t show any symptoms, especially early on. Therefore, the only surefire way to know whether or not you have a cavity is to find out during your regularly scheduled dental exams and cleanings.

During these visits, Dr. Koser and the team evaluate your teeth, checking in every pocket with a small mirror. They can detect cavities fairly easily during these exams and prescribe the appropriate treatment so decay doesn’t progress and lead to tooth loss.

How are cavities treated?

Generally, the most common form of treatment for cavities is a filling. Dr. Koser provides durable, tooth-colored fillings that cover cavities and prevent bacteria from getting inside your tooth.

The procedure for fillings is very simple. Dr. Koser uses a localized anesthesia applied only to your affected tooth so that your whole mouth isn’t numb. Then, she applies the putty-like filling, which is generally made of a composite resin. Using special dental instruments, she carefully shapes the filling to match the shape and size of your tooth.

After the filling has been placed, she does a final polish to smooth out the surface and makes final sizing adjustments. Fillings are long lasting and don’t limit you in terms of what foods you can eat.

To schedule your next dental exam and check for any potential cavities lurking, call Fantastic Smiles today or use the online booking tool.